Message dialog

A dialog for displaying messages or asking for confirmation.

Show message
  <sl-button>Show message</sl-button>
  <script type="module">
    import { MessageDialog } from '@sl-design-system/message-dialog';

    document.querySelector('sl-button')?.addEventListener('click', () => {
      MessageDialog.alert('This is a message dialog');

When to use

The message dialog should be used to present critical information or ask for decisions. For instance, when confirming a high-risk action (e.g., deleting data), a message dialog ensures user attention.

When not to use

The message dialog should not be used to present complex data or complex interactions. Keep them concise. If you have a need for complex interactions, consider using the dialog component.

You should also not use this component to interrupt the user unnecessarily. Only show a message dialog when the user explicitly triggers it and when there is no other alternative (for example an inline-message).

Interactive example